Since starting in 2014, TeamGold has proven to be an invaluable resource as it has resourced hundred of events, helped teams to raise millions of dollars, and grown a community of over 1,100 accounts. Although it is 'invaluable' (cannot be valued) a staple of the site has been to provide our services completely free of charge - a truly unique combination.

TeamGold is both invaluable and free - a rare combination

In September 2020, TeamGold received a major update to provide updated training and expanded functionality.

Whether you're one of our 1,100 prior users or someone stumbling across our site for the first time, here are 10 essential ways that TeamGold can help you excel in Development.

1. Planning Events - TeamGold started solely as a resource for planning fundraising dinners, or 'Vision Dinners'. With our new update, we have added support for planning a wider variety of events; most notably the Digital Event Strategy, which is an online fundraising event conducive to situations where in-person events are not possible or idea. Visit teamgold.co/digital-events for more info

2. Taking Development Topics Deeper - You've obviously already found the blog feature because you're on it right now! The blog has dozens of contributors from a variety of ministry backgrounds who will share their Development expertise in a deeper, more focused manner than our old site previously allowed.

3. Answering Your Specific Questions - our new Forum is open for you to ask any question you have to be answered by other members of the TeamGold community. Whether it's a clarification, a question specific to your event, or just wanting to bounce an idea around, the Forum is a great resource for you. Start the discussion at teamgold.co/forum

4. Training in Development - Visit the Training section to view our ever-growing library of Development training, which ranges topics from Biblical stewardship, to the Major Partner Cycle, to foundational Development principles.

5. Chat Live with TeamGold and Other Users - Once you've logged in and updated your profile, you can click the chat bubble in the bottom right of the screen to send a message to TeamGold or any user you follow.

6. Get Connected to a Development Coach - if you are on staff with Cru, we have Development coaches monitoring the Forum and chat to connect with you offline for consultation and coaching as you plan your events.

These are just 6 ways that TeamGold can work with you to take the next step in your team's Development plan. Obviously, you will find much more as you explore our site and see us add new content over time, but we can't give all our secrets away!

Every team needs a Development plan - let's get started!

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