Some who have used Ministry Sync in the past a Vision Dinner have questioned whether or not it's still a helpful tool for a Digital Event. They think, "Can't I just handle registration myself on a Google Sheet or through a Facebook event?"

Here are some quick reminders that will help you see why Ministry Sync is still an essential option when planning your Digital Event.

  1. You need an impressive website with a simple URL to send to viewers who don't want to register on social media. Many partners still don't have Facebook (or don't have it any longer) and they are expecting something more official than, "I'll write your name down." Ministry Sync provides easy to access, customizable sites for registration.

  2. The most successful way to remind partners of your event is through email - something you don't have access to on social media and you won't have for everyone without them providing it through a registration process. You will send around 10 emails to partners before and after your event. Ministry Sync registration not only provides you with email addresses, but makes your emails look professional. If all you have is a bunch of names and no emails, these people are less likely to tune in.

  3. Ministry Sync has recently added support for a proprietary system to monitor exactly who is watching your broadcast. This is something that you typically can't know unless the viewer comments or fills out the Partnership Form. Contact Ministry Sync through their 24/7 chat for more info about this feature.

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