Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Many teams ask, “Why should we choose a more expensive venue, like a hotel or country club, when there are on-campus ballrooms or church fellowship halls that are much less expensive or in some cases even free?” Vision Dinners are a way to recognize, honor and educate our ministry partners. As we invite them to join us for this amazing evening, we want to offer an enticing opportunity for them to come be treated and thanked properly for their work in the mission of advancing God’s kingdom.

While there is grace, our heart would be to present our ministry partners with the best experience possible, which includes our selection of a venue. For example, if someone offers a couple or individual a free meal at a fast food restaurant while another offers a three-course meal at an upscale steakhouse for the same night, which offer would the couple or individual be more likely to accept? Both are appreciated, however, there is a greater appeal to accept the latter. It offers an experience they cannot duplicate on any given night.

It is also important to recognize our ministry partners are coming from a variety of denominations. Choosing a single church may communicate this is the ministry’s beliefs and could be a deterrent for some individuals to attend if they have significant concerns about that denomination. With many things competing for time, we want to eliminate excuses or obstacles that could dissuade ministry partners from attending.

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