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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

There are many things to consider when you are selecting the right products for a good centerpiece. Is your event low budget? Is your event formal? Do you want flowers? Do you want to use objects? This might seem a bit overwhelming to even start thinking about, but don’t worry! We have broken down the different options below to best help you make the right choice.

The most important step to take is to pick the overall theme of your event.

Themes: a theme is a character trait that will define your event. Are you hoping to have a formal, casual, modern, or rustic event? Is this a brunch, lunch, or dinner? This will determine what type of centerpieces you will need to create. The venue and audience could be key in figuring out the theme. If the venue has a unique focal point, it might be good to create your centerpiece to stay in line with that.


Flower arrangements centerpieces:

When planning for a flower arrangement, you can expect this type of arrangement to cost more than the other options. However, it allows for a lot of creativity in flower color, type, and height. After you find a flower that fits your budget and theme, you then need to pick how to style your flowers. The container they're in helps you stay on theme. For instance, boxes are more rustic, square containers are modern, and glass is more traditional. A few options for affordable arrangements are bud vases, floating flowers, or babies' breath.

Greenery centerpieces:

Greenery is a great option that will often be cheaper than flowers but still give that floral feel. The most used and cost-effective greenery is lily grass, leather leaf, tree fern, galax, lavender, sage, monstera leaves, ivy, rosemary, cordyline, and eucalyptus. If you want to add more than just greenery on your tables you can tuck flowers, candles, or other objects within.

Object centerpieces:

Whether you are using lanterns, vases, candles, jars, geometric shapes, boxes, mirrors, bowls, picture frames, etc, there are a few things you should note when using objects as your centerpiece. When choosing your items make sure you have objects of different shapes, sizes, texture, and always have an odd number of items in your centerpiece (3/5/7). The great thing about using items is you can be creative and have many different options.


  1. Height - You want to keep the height either low enough to talk over or high and thin enough they can easily see around it.

  2. Some venues will offer their own centerpieces free of charge. This could be a great money saver however; you might want to see the arrangement in advance to make sure that it fits the theme of your overall event.

  3. You don’t have to have a new centerpiece every year! You could also just change one or two things in it like flower choice or container to freshen up a stale centerpiece.

  4. If you don’t want to worry about cleaning up the centerpiece, they can be a great thank you gift for your table hosts!

  5. Always make sure to pay attention to the color of your venue's carpet, walls, and tablecloths when choosing your centerpieces. If the carpet is several colors, you can always choose more muted tones.

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