4-6 Hours


Take 5 minutes to ask God to open your heart to what He has for your team, ask Him to speak vision to your heart.


10-12 months out, 40-52 weeks out


Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no vision, the people perish."



Take 30-60 minutes right now to pray and dream big dreams for your ministry using these questions:

  1. What would it take to really reach your campus for Christ?

  2. How many Staff, Materials, Events, Promotions, how much Money?

  3. If money wasn’t a factor AT ALL, what would your ministry look like?

  4. Is there something specific that the Lord might be calling you to do with your ministry that requires a huge step of faith because of the cost?

  5. Is the lack of money or other resources keeping you from dreaming big?

  6. Is there anything mentally, spiritually, or emotionally that is causing you to not trust God for big things?



At your next staff time take 30-60 minutes to dream with your team! Share the questions and article below.


  1. Before your team meets, have them read Abundance Mentality.

  2. As a team, pray that the Lord opens your hearts to what He has for your scope.

  3. As your team dreams big, jot down the ideas (keep a copy for the next step in this lap).

  4. As a team, select your top three dreams to own and entrust to the Lord!




  1. What steps would you take to make these top three dreams come true?

  2. What resources would you need? (Critical mass: money, people, tools, etc.)

  3. What resources do you already have?

  4. How many ministry partners does your ministry have who have the capacity to give a single gift of $1,000 or more? This is not a requirement and if you do not have any, fret not!

  5. How many current consistent ministry partners does your ministry have (monthly, quarterly, annually)?

  6. Through what avenues is your ministry currently funded? (churches, foundations, individuals, alumni, walk-a-thons, etc.)

  7. Does your strategic plan include a budget? If not, take some time to create a budget. This Vision Dinner Budget Calculator will help! If you need more guidance, take a look at Budgeting Tips.


How can we find the resources needed to make these dreams happen?

  • A team bake sale

  • A team car wash

  • A big auction where you sell cool stuff for lots of money

  • A Vision Dinner!

You now have big dreams that are given to you and your team by the Lord. In order to be faithful to the big dreams God has asked you to pursue, you will need consistent financial resources coming in every year. In order to get that funding, you need people that are not simply givers (people who give one time and move on) but real partners of your ministry who will become committed to your team and your ministry by becoming L.I.F.E. partners. These are partners who invest their Labor, Influence, Finances, and Expertise in your ministry and have ownership with you.


To introduce people to your ministry and begin that partnership, start by sharing the dreams God has laid on your heart and ask them to partner with you both prayerfully and financially. Based on decades of experience and research, we have found that the most efficient way to connect these ministry partners is by building long-term, deep, and genuine relationships. And the best way to find large numbers of those potential ministry partners is at a Vision Dinner.  More information about building those relationships, as well as connecting your ministry partners through their Labor, Influence, and Expertise, will come in the Winner’s Circle.


The Vision Dinner plays a similar role for our partners that the Cru Winter Conference plays for our students. Often times, it's Cru Winter Conference that introduces new Cru students to the larger scope of what Cru is all about.  A Cru Vision Dinner is much the same experience for the people we invite; Cru is much bigger than the average person realizes. Our calling, vision, ability/capacity, and our reach is unknown to most people- most have only seen a slice at some point in their lives. The dinner allows your team to present the need (why college students are a critical people-group to reach), the vehicle (our big dreams that God is going to use to reach our students), and the partnership (how our guests can commit to and partner with something much bigger than themselves) in a way that is not pushy, but is compelling, inviting and exciting!



Skim through the Dinner Summary Page to get an idea of what you can expect. As you’ll see, tasks are broken into manageable sections, allowing you to keep the ball moving down the field. 



Contact your local Development Coordinator or National Development Director for help planning your event. If you don't know who that is, see the Development Staff Directory. If there are no Development staff local to you, contact the National Campus Office for further assistance.



  • Why is it so important to follow the basic Campus Ministry model for doing Vision Dinners? Isn’t it possible my community is different? 

  • Why a Vision Dinner and not something like an auction, walk-a-thon or golf marathon?

  • Why do you refer to this event as a Vision Dinner rather than a banquet or fund-raising dinner? And do you have to call it a 'Vision Dinner'? 

  • Why must you begin your dinner planning by first contacting your local Development staff? Can’t you just do a dinner without outside help?

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