The following 10 topics, which should take approximately 15 hours to complete, will give you an excellent overview of the ministry of development. While it makes sense to work through them in order, you can also benefit from choosing the topics most relevant to you.

Abundance Mentality / Generosity

Read the book The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn (about 1 hour of reading)

Read The Abundance Mentality by Dave Sander

(about 45 minutes of reading)

Setting Up Donor Appointments

Watch part of the video Prospecting and Getting Appointments by Jim Dempsey

(start at 40:53; stop at 52:45)

Development As Ministry

Read the book The Third Conversion by A. Scott Rodin (about 2 hours of reading)

Conducting Appointments & Presentations

Watch the video Making Effective Presentations by

Dan Willmann (82 min.)

Being Successful In Development

Watch the video Being Successful in Development by Larry O'Nan (65 min.)

Follow-up & Involvement

Watch the video Major Donor Follow-up and Involvement by Jim Dempsey (75 min.)

Watch part of an Interview With Major Donor Steve Scrimsher (start at 25:50; stop at 34:26)

Being Effective In Development

Watch the video Field Representative Job Description by Jim Dempsey (16 min.)

Read the book Asking by Jerold Panas

(about 1 hour of reading)

Look over the Handout 20 Characteristics of an Effective Development Rep

Development Covenant

Watch the video Development Covenant by Mike Duggins (31 min.)


Sign the Development Covenant, and turn in a copy to your director

Prospecting / HASIT

Watch part of the video Win, Keep, Lift by Dan Willmann (stop at 38:57)

Download the Prospect Portrait Worksheet

Making A Difference

Watch the video Insights from the Pro – Part 1

by Jerold Panas (87 min.)

Watch the video Insights from the Pro – Part 2

by Jerold Panas (48 min.)

Watch the video Insights from the Pro – Part 3

by Jerold Panas (56 min.)

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