Welcome to the TeamGold Playbook! This is the full collection of our website's Development principles and lessons. We're always adding to this list, so make sure you check back again to see what we've added. The wisdom held within the TeamGold Playbook comes from experts across all of Development, representing hundreds of years of experience.

Just like your favorite sports team, you can only understand so much by watching them on gameday. But if you were able to look inside their playbook, you'd begin to see the ideas, plans, and theories that undergird everything they do. Our playbook fills the same role: look below to see the principles that should be driving everything we do in Development.

LIFE Partnership

LIFE is an acronym we use to describe the four main ways that people can partner with us. Too many people view Development only through the F - Finances - because it is usually the first way people choose to partner.


The Abundance Mentality

Too often, Christian leaders make decisions and plans out of a scarcity mindset. We need to embrace The Abundance Mentality - 8 Development principles for any Christian leader.


Win, Keep, Lift

Most organizations understand the value of winning partners to their cause, and many are good at it. But few understand that 'win' is only the beginning - we also want to make sure to keep our partners and, eventually, lift them to new levels of partnership and involvement.


AIC Model

There are three main goals of any proper Development event. First we want to appreciate our guests and partners. Then, we want to inform them about the state and future of the ministry. Lastly, we want to challenge them to take the next step in partnership.


Five Rights

We must be highly intentional when we ask people to partner financially with our ministry. By making sure the right presenter asks the right prospect to give the right amount for the right cause at the right time, we can ensure success.


Umbrella of Development

The activities and strategies of Development serve 3 purposes overall. Many know the first one - fundraising - buy few make the connection that Development is also useful for 'friend-raising' and public relations.


Critical Few

A tried-and-true business principle is that 80% of your growth will come from 20% of your people. This also applies to Development. So it's important to prioritize and specialize our relationships with the 20% of partners who will supply 80% of our funding.




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