This step of the cycle is where you find who could enter the Major Partner Cycle. Start by brainstorming names of people you know, then move onto to people you may have never met yet.

  1. Current Donors

    • Look at previous gifts given to your team or personal ministry. The best future partners are current partners. ​Specifically look for: ​​

      • Consistent giving​

      • A pattern of increased giving

      • A recent gift

      • Involvement with your ministry 

  2. Building Your Network​

    • This is where you look outside of your ministry. This could be personal relationships, ​people you have met through church, or someone you've never met. 

    • Contact your local Development staff. They can run something called a Computer Select. This will provide a list of people who have given to Cru within a certain mile radius of your location. To do this, you will need to provide a list of zip codes you would like to search. There are many websites that allow you to make this search easy. One is linked below. Select a radius that is best for your location. For more rural areas, you may need to go farther, while more metropolitan areas may need to be a smaller zip code radius.

            Development Staff Contact List

            Create a Zip Code List


Staying organized

Once you begin to brainstorm names, you need a way to keep your caseload of potential partners in an easy to update format. The Development team has created a Google Sheet that will make this easy for you. This sheet allows you to keep track of giving, as well as plan out future events you would like ensure happens with the potential major partner.  Open the sheet below and make a copy of it for your own use. You cannot edit the one linked below. 


Moves Management Master Sheet.

Start by filling out the information you know about the person or couple you thought of during brainstorming. A lot of the donation information will be researched in the next step of the cycle. 

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