The final step in the cycle is continuation. This step allows you to continue to maintain a relationship with the partner and keep them plugged into the ministry. This is done through a series of touch points. You goal is continue to show them how their investment was worthwhile. 

Thanking Them

The first think you should do is thank them. Thank them quickly and thank them often. You won't thank them too much. Start with a handwritten thank you note. Have student write notes sharing how their lives were affected. Give them a thoughtful gift, such as personalized merchandise for your campus. 

Part of thanking them is giving them a report of how their giving was used. Give them a report in a timely manner. If they gave for an event, give them a report on how the event went, especially in terms of successful outcomes you had spelled out in your proposal. Use the examples below to help craft your report. Ask your Development staff to take a look before you share it with your partner. Ask to meet up with the partner to share with them how their giving has made an impact. Tell them stories and give them the report as a take home piece.

Example Partner Report

Keeping in Touch

Once the gift is given and the partner is properly thanked, your relationship is just just beginning. You want to continue to strengthen the relationship. It is always easier to keep a partner than it is to start a relationship with a new potential partner. To do this, you want to continue to engage them in what you are doing. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Send cards - anniversary, thinking/praying for you, sympathy

  • Call on their birthday 

  • Celebrate life achievements with them

  • Introduce them to a student

  • Continue to invite them to be a part of passive and active engagements

  • Ask their advice when planning a ministry event

  • Keep them informed on what is going on in your ministry as well as Cru as a whole

  • Share articles they might find interesting

Remember to Stay Organized

Remember that Moves Management we talked about before? This is when that really comes in handy. Making regular touch points can be hard to remember when you already have a busy schedule. By planning out months in advance, you can put it in your calendar so you don't forget. Aim for 1 contact a month. Don't over commit. 

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