6-8 hours


Ask the Lord to increase your capacity. Pray through truths from His word: that He has provided your strength (Isaiah 40:31) and that He has given you what you need for the journey (Phil. 4:19).


2-4 weeks out


Isaiah 40:31, Phil. 4:19, Hebrews 12:1-3



Hebrews 12:1-3. Remember that God has called you to this ministry, has entrusted you with new dreams, and now is equipping you through this dinner. Be faithful to His call and continue to run with perseverance! Also 1 Corinthians 10:13 (NET) "No trial has overtaken you that is not faced by others. And God is faithful: He will not let you be tried beyond what you are able to bear, but with the trial will also provide a way out so that you may be able to endure it."


This Lap is getting final details finished so that you're ready for your event. In Lap 5, you assigned speaking roles for the dinner. This is the time to gather, edit and finalize all the scripts that people have been working on. A few more tasks:



  • PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN GIVING ENVELOPE! Please use the one provided. There are legal ramifications to a giving envelope and we have covered all those in the options provided.

    • To purchase our awesome custom made Cru Giving Envelopes go to the Cru Store and search for "Cru Event Giving Envelopes" or call (800) 827-2788. 


  • This is the time for you to collect all the information you gathered for your Ministry Update (see Lap 5) and put it together in the script we provided. 

    • Edit the Appeal scripts (both first and second halves) with your campus-specific information. These scripts can be found in Lap 5 under “Financial Appeal Script”.

    • All scripts must be sent to your Volunteer Coordinator who coordinates with the Overall Dinner Coordinator (testimonies, song choices, Financial Appeal, Ministry Update, Emcee notes, Speaker). They double check for errors, that there’s no overlap or excessive redundancy and that it flows well.

    • Be sure that it’s not “Cru is so awesome” but that the evening is celebrating the Lord and how He is using Cru to reach students.


  • Design Ministry Table Displays for reception area: Use lots of pictures and not as much text for your displays. Ideas for ministry tables can include: resources that your team uses, stories of students and pictures that might be shared during the program, videos on a computer/iPad that people can watch (but not listen to), pictures of students with 1-2 sentence testimonies underneath, any materials you use on campus, and Soularium. See Display Table Ideas.


  • Volunteer Coordinator and Registration Coordinator work together to recruit ushers Job Description | Ushers, greeters Job Description | Greeters as well as Job Description | Registration. See all the Registration-related documents in Lap 3.

    • Here’s where things get a little fuzzy. If you are using Live Attendance, your greeters can do registration for regular registered guests. They will only need to send Table Hosts and other questions to special cases.

    • Gift counters do not necessarily need to do all the usher duties, however, only staff or official Cru volunteers should collect or count money. Your job descriptions and meeting groups at the dinner may need to change based on how you handle these issues. When trying to figure out how to use ushers, greeters, and registration workers, make sure you are in contact with your coach.

  • See also Teams for Night of Dinner.

  • Start editing or writing Thank You scripts; see Follow Up Letters

  • Volunteer Coordinator arranges Thank You Note party for day after the dinner (out the door in 24 hrs).

  • Prepare Table Host Envelopes (9x12) for the night of the dinner with the Attendance sheet stapled to the front of it, see Table Host Packet – Day of Dinner

  • Catch up on anything else you may be behind on.

  • Send Reminder Postcard to the entire mass mailing list. If running a Cru dinner, this includes your computer select (2 weeks).



  • Why does our envelope look so complicated and why do we use an envelope that is different than other Cru giving envelopes – can’t we just use a regular Cru giving envelope?  Isn’t our way of collecting the envelopes invasive – why do we wait until all envelopes are collected?  Why not just leave them on the tables? 

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