Wouldn't you save a lot of money if you just used the "house" sound system? 


It is a proven fact that most, if not all hotel sounds systems are inadequate for your needs. Most hotel sound systems are only designed for speakers -- we require systems that can handle speakers, singers and videos. Oftentimes, house systems are blown within the first two to three months they are installed. That means that a system exists for 5-10 years in an inadequate state. Bringing in a system will always be better even if you have to pay a little more. To save money, see if a church will loan you their equipment and a technician to go with it.


Are you sure that you will have a 12% no show rate -- your people don't cancel? 


Having done over 2500 dinners over 30 years, the 12% rule has proven to be very accurate. Only twice in those 30 years has every registered guest shown up.  Every dinner has no-shows and walk-ins and those who think they are registered. The net effect will be your attrition rate. Depending on the size of your dinner, you might be paying for a lot of unused meals that the venue can not give you due to health code regulations. In order to be a good steward of God’s resources, you must account for attrition -- learn how to do this correctly.

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