12-15 hours


Thank the Lord for what He has done through your ministry already. Thank Him that His Word will not return void. Ask the Lord for strength and the filling of the Holy Spirit. Get your heart ready for a night of celebration.


Day of your Dinner


Isaiah 55:8-13 This dinner is a night of incredible celebration! God has done amazing things through your ministry and you will be showcasing His work at the dinner!



In the days leading up to your dinner, download and print this Lap 10 Checklist. It lists all the details from this lap for you or your ODC to take to the event and check off as they happen to help you stay on track. Other documents you should have printed off: Teams for Night of Dinner, Two Person Signature Receipt, Vision Dinner Gift Counting


  • Prayer time: Pray through What is True of Me Because I Raise Support

  • Confirm final list of attendees and their table assignments.

  • Print 20 copies of your Program Runsheet to bring to the venue to pass out to those that are a part of the program and key venue staff.

  • Dinner leadership packs everything and unloads at venue – set-up, decorate, test A/V. A good arrival time is around 3 or 4 pm. Take into consideration people will arrive late, especially students.

  • Work with venue to keep on schedule. Share your minute-by-minute Program Runsheet with the staff; remember to confirm with them that ALL hotel staff are to stay out of the ballroom after your program has begun (you don’t need beverages refilled and all dishes should be cleared prior to this point).

  • Once you have everyone there, take a few moments to pray for the evening.

  • Have/create timecards (15, 10, 5, 1, Stop).

  • Before the dinner, think through what part of the program can be cut or shortened if necessary

  • Meet with and prep Teams for Night of Dinner 

  • Walk around to make sure everything is perfect with tables, chairs, programs (check to make sure numbers of each are correct)

  • Check facility’s bathrooms for cleanliness

  • Make sure your Volunteer Coordinator has planned and pre-ordered food for your student volunteers to eat prior to the dinner. 

  • Keep all papers from tables to make sure you don’t lose any random checks. Do not let the servers come around and throw away any papers. Make sure you look inside every empty envelope. You will have ministry partners give checks in blank envelopes.

  • Tip the banquet captain/venue’s day-of-event coordinator -refer to Lap 7 Two Person Signature Receipt

  • If you are giving cash to your speaker and have not filled out a check request form please use this Honorarium Receipt



  • Why worry that much about picking papers up off the tables after the dinner?

  • Why do we need to get a "quick" count after the dinner?

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