4-6 Hours


Ask God to open your heart to what He wants to teach you during this lap.


9-12 months out, 36-52 weeks out

Read Joshua 6:1-7

Q1: Why did the people walk around the wall?

A1: Because they were crazy and they were being obedient to the Lord.


Q2: Was that a good use of their time, money, and resources?

A2: No, it was unwise by human standards BUT God asked them to do it!


Q3: What do you think Joshua’s followers wanted to do?

A3: They probably thought he was nuts. Your team and/or Ministry Partners may also think the same thing.


Read Joshua 6:15-27

Q1: How did God accomplish the task?

A1: Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the obedience of his people.


Based on what we learned at the Starting Line, we know that the dinner is a good next step for your team! While it may be hard and seem unwise by human standards as we learned in Joshua 6, we believe that God is calling you and your team to step out in faith and believe God for big things. Now it’s time to start to get the ball rolling!


Watch Joy of a Vision Dinner below.



Overall Dinner Coordinator: This individual should be a strong leader who will know all the ins and outs of the dinner and delegates to other coordinators. He or she is organized, detailed, and can communicate clearly with their team as well as the venue, vendors, etc. 


  • Overall Dinner Coordinator Job Description

  • Leads throughout the entire process

  • Connects with and keeps track of all other coordinators

  • Fills in if/when other coordinators fall by the wayside

  • Understands MinistrySync software (we’ll cover this under Registration in Lap 3).

  • Follows and moderates the Dinner Timeline





As soon as you've chosen your dinner's ODC, he or she should set up your Dinner Timeline. This Google Sheet will be your best friend over the next year details what needs to be accomplished, who needs to do it, and when it needs to be done by. If you use it in conjunction with the content on this website, it will help you stay on track and keep you from getting overwhelmed. This is especially useful for first-time ODCs!


To get started, follow the link above, go to “File” in the menu, click 'Make a Copy', and name your copy of the timeline '(Your School) Dinner Timeline 20__' and share the copy with your coach.


Keep in mind you will be recruiting three other coordinator positions (See Brainstorm and Pick People for your Coordinator positions - LAP 3


  • Table Host Coordinator – an encourager

  • Reservations Coordinator – a details person

  • Volunteer Coordinator – a recruiter



1. Brainstorm your top three dates:

  • Choose a Friday or Saturday evening between March 15 - May 15 or September 15 - November 15.

  • See the FAQ section below for more details. Be smart! Think through things that might be on your guests' calendars  - holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, Mother’s Day), Spring Break, graduations, big sporting events, local Christian conferences (i.e. Beth Moore, Women of Faith, etc.), big church events, or other dinners in the area.


2. Brainstorm your top three venues:

Fun Quiz! Where should you have your dinner?

A. A dank, dark church basement with a potluck buffet served by the Women’s Fellowship Group;

B. A dingy college campus ballroom with terrible a/v and even worse food;

C. A senior center with a fishy smell and seniors playing bridge in the corner;

D. A beautiful, upscale hotel with nice service and delicious food that will help your ministry partners feel cared for and comfortable so they can focus on the program and opportunities presented!


  • See the FAQ at the bottom of page for more details.

  • A good goal to start with is to pray for 150 people at your first dinner. Keep this number in mind when searching for your venue.




  • Why does the dinner have to be held on a Friday or Saturday night? 

  • Why is it important to conduct your Vision Dinner in a hotel or country club rather than a less expensive location like a church fellowship hall or on-campus ballroom?

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