Executive & Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum

Executive and Entrepreneurial Leadership Forums (EII Forums) are twenty-four hour events designed to expose students to successful business professionals who share from their experience in the marketplace. There are five events that comprise this outreach strategy: 1) classroom presentations; 2) a formal dinner for student leaders and faculty on campus; 3) the regularly-scheduled weekly large group Cru student meeting; 4) informal follow-up with interested students from the dinner; and 5) a connection time with student leaders who are involved with Cru.

The purpose of the Executive and Entrepreneurial Leadership Forums is to assist local level Cru campus teams in reaching campus leaders. The Forum is built around three highly successful professionals who share principles, lessons and wisdom drawn from their marketplace experience, as well as their faith journey, with a variety of audiences over the course of the event.

You can go to this site to view our currently scheduled forums, as well as some of our speakers:  e2forum.org

EII Forum Grant Money

The EII Forum Expansion Plan provides a $3,000 grant per Missional Team per each EII Forum upon successful execution of a Forum.  This money can then be invested however the team deems strategic.  

In order to qualify for the EII grant, you must follow the process for your financials outlined here.

Section 1: Inviting Table Hosts & Faculty

Table Host Guidelines

Section 1: Invitation Party

Checklist for delivering invites

Invitation conversation example


Section II: Dinner & Weekly Meeting Programming

Emcee Script

Section II: Another “Nearing The Home Stretch” Checklist

Table Host Guidelines

EII Dinner Speaker Presentation PowerPoint Template 

Section II: Another “Nearing The Home Stretch” Checklist

Dinner Emcee Script

Table Host Guidelines

Section III: The Cru Weekly Meeting

Emcee Script

Section I: Speaker Follow-ups

Knowing God Personally

Section I: Completion, Celebration, Check-Offs

Results Survey

Budget Document

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