4-6 Hours


Day 2 of Forum


Meditate on Hebrews 10:23-25


 Pray for mutual sharpening. Ask God to use these events to spur our non-Christian students closer to Christ, to encourage our speakers of the work that God is doing on campus, and to offer further wisdom/guidance to our Cru student leaders. 

Section I: Speaker Follow-ups


As a reminder, an open invitation has been made during the Dinner for students to come and interact more personally with the speakers. Your speakers should be prepared for a small group discussion; perhaps with just one student, that answers any questions they have an to talk to them about what they believe spiritually. This should be a great chance to use the “Four Laws” or “Knowing God Personally” to clarify the Gospel. Click here to download the "Knowing God Personally" Booklet.


Given the informal nature of this event, your only tasks for this event are:

  • Have speaker liaison escort speakers from their parking lot to the follow up location

  • Run through how to use the “Knowing God Personally” booklet with speakers in case of a gospel conversation

  • Escort speakers from follow-up location to the brunch immediately after

Section II: Brunch



Once again, just a few miscellaneous items to take care of before this event begins:


  • Talk with catering director in order to ensure proper setup for the brunch

  • Bring Speaker gifts to brunch

  • Talk with venue director about any AV needs (if applicable)



Have a final programming meeting 15 minutes prior to student arrival with staff and speakers in order to review the objectives and schedule of the brunch. Remember, this portion of the event is much more open. You as a local coordinator and your staff team can largely structure it as you please. The overriding objective of the staff team/student leader brunch time, though, is to affirm and share leadership principles that these students will find helpful both in their leadership roles at the university and of course in their future professions.



Once you have finished the meal and programming for your brunch, say farewell to your speakers and give them their speaker gifts before they leave. Also be sure to collect their $1,000 donation checks from them. With that, all of the events of your forum are complete!

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