2-4 Hours


0 Months out

(1-2 Weeks)


Ask God to come alongside you in your final planning efforts. Would he give you stamina to press on with logistics and wisdom to solve any problems or issues that arise.


Meditate on your labor in light of

I Thessalonians 2:8-9

Section I: Plan the Program For Your Forum’s Brunch


The brunch portion of your EII Forum is the most open of everything. You as a local coordinator and your staff team can largely structure it as you please. The overriding objective of the staff team/student leader brunch time, though, is to affirm and share leadership principles that these students will find helpful both in their leadership roles at the university and of course in their future professions.


Beyond that, here are some help programming tips and notes for speakers:


  • Provide ample space for speakers to get acquainted with the local campus staff team and Cru student leaders: We want them to hear more about their vision for what school and the surrounding campuses is and how God is currently working in the lives of students in their school.  

  • Some helpful tips for interacting with these leaders (from the minute by minute document):

    • Encouragement and a personal challenge coming from you is a powerful thing.  Don’t underestimate the impact you can have on a leader to “take a step of faith” in area “x” on campus.

    • Whether you were involved in a ministry in college or not, your encouragement to these students to “step up” and lead and or place themselves into situations that will develop their leadership skills is a powerful shot we’d like you to take.

    • Here are some of the Cru events that we’d like to see these students come to and bring others along, again, your encouragement in their lives relative to these venues is powerful.

      • Cru Winter Conference: This annual student winter conference provides biblical input, ministry skills training, and exposes students to various missions opportunities.

      • Big Break: Spring Break trip to Panama City Beach or Los Angeles. The point is for students to learn how to share their faith and then try these new evangelism tips on the beach!

      • Cru Summer Missions: Our main “leadership labs” in Cru. These projects, whether stateside or international, provide vital hands on training that equip students for great impact and leadership back on campus and beyond.

      • Internships and STINTs: We routinely challenge our leaders to invest a year following graduation as an intern or stinter. Both are year-long commitments.  Internships are here in the US, serving full time as a staff member on a campus. STINTs are a year as well, but are focused on ministry on one of our international partnership campuses. Both have proven to be a vital way to increase our manpower as well as great developmental steps for students prior to going into various professions.


By the end of this program time, be sure to have:


  • A minute by minute schedule of the event

  • Assigned speakers

  • Assigned an emcee

  • Emailed your speakers if you have any specific requests from them during this time

Section II: Another “Nearing The Home Stretch” Checklist


Press on! You are so close to seeing the fruit of all your labor.



For all attendees--non-Christian student leaders, table hosts, faculty, Cru staff, and Cru student leaders--send a reminder email just under a week before the forum with the details of the event, the dress code, and any other relevant information. This would be an appropriate time to send your table hosts the Table Host Guidelines document so that they are aware of the details of the Dinner and know their roles.



Be sure to call the caterer to make sure that your order is correct for both the Dinner and your brunch. Talk through any logistical details of serving that are necessary.



If necessary, be sure to pick up parking permits for your speakers so that they can leave their car at a nearby lot for the duration of the first day’s events.



You will need to have a venue chosen for one-on-one/small group follow ups with the speakers the following day. This doesn’t have to be a location that you have reserved, but it should be a more informal/casual, well known place on campus.



Choosing from your Cru staff and Cru student leader attendees, choose three or so individuals to greet students as they arrive at the event and instruct them as they enter (pick up a name, find your seat in the seating chart, etc.)



It has been a nice added touch in the past to have music playing as student arrive for the Dinner. Be sure to have a playlist compiled and set up ahead of time if you decide to do this.



Whether or not your speakers will be using a PowerPoint presentation slides for their Dinner presentations, you may want to make some PowerPoint slides to project onto a screen to add a professional element to your evening. If any of your speakers are going to utilize slides, you should consider putting them into the EII Dinner Speaker Presentation PowerPoint Template to simplify the coordination of the technological piece and to standardize the look of the slides. Even if none of your speakers will use slides, you might consider using this, anyway. Be sure to save your own copy of the file and edit it to suit your particular needs.


You will want to have pictures to commemorate this event. Be sure to enlist someone to be the official photographer at the event. He/she could be a gifted student from your movement or a fellow staff member that has a good eye and nice camera. Explain to the photographer that the most important shots you’ll want from the events are pictures of the speakers, tables, attendees, and a group photo of all the speakers, table hosts, and staff team members together.



It will be helpful to have a place for each of your speakers to sit on stage during your Cru weekly meeting following the Dinner. We recommend that you secure four stools (one for each of your speakers and one for the emcee) that can be used on stage that evening.

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