6-8 Hours


0.5-1 Month out

(2-4 Weeks)


Ask God for his continued guidance as you coordinate the programming of your event. Pray that students would be available and receptive to remaining invitations and that professors will be receptive to offers made for speakers to present in their classrooms.


Acts 9:26-28; The Apostles embrace Saul

Section I: The Conference Call


It’s now time to have that conference call you have prepared for in the last module with your region’s FDND, your speakers, your emcee, your Regional EII Forum Coordinator (if applicable), and yourself. This call is crucial as it helps to bring all of the different moving parts of your event together and get everyone on the same page. As a reminder, in order to have this call, you need to have completed the Minute by Minute document in it’s entirety in order to go over the exact details of your event. Here are your tasks surrounding this call:



  1. Create Conference Call Account: in order to have your call, either you or your Regional EII Forum Coordinator will need to make an account at freeconferencecall.com. This process is quick and easy. In so doing, you will receive:

  • Host Pin: for the account holder to enter when making the call

  • Participant Access Code: each member of the call will need this when entering the conversation

  • Conference Dial-In Number: the phone number that will host your group’s correspondence

  1. Send Pre Conference Call Email: once you have your account set up, the host pin, participant access code, and conference dial-in number, you will need to email this information to your call’s participants. Here is a sample draft of this email:


Hello (Insert Name),


We are excited about the upcoming Executive and Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum events at (University Name).  We know the Lord will use this time to sow seeds for His Kingdom and encourage believers on campus. 


Most of us are available for an hour-long (or less) conference call on (type in conference call date and time). To access our call, please use the following information from our account at freeconferencecall.com:

Conference Dial-in Number: (Insert your Number)
Participant Access Code: (Insert your Code)


During the call we will be discussing the schedule details we have ironed out to this point, review the format and expectations we have for each event, and answer any questions you may have.


Thanks again for stepping out in faith to participate in this year’s forum. I look forward to talking with you soon.


In Him,


(Your Name)



Below you’ll find a broad strokes outline of what this call will look like. In a nutshell, the focus of this call is the speakers. As staff members, you want to cast vision to the speakers for the powerful potential of this event while informing them of the details so that they can know what to expect when the day of the event arrives.


Regional FDND: (introduction) Hello everyone! We are very excited about the upcoming Executive and Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum events at (university name). We know the Lord will use this time to sow seeds for His Kingdom and encourage believers already laboring for Him on campus.


(Cast Vision) This forum comes alongside the heart of our organization’s very founder, Bill Bright, by seeking reach student leaders on college campuses throughout the world…


Regional Coordinator (or Local Coordinator if necessary): (Introduce yourself, facilitate introductions of everyone else) Hello all, my name is...Before we go any further, let’s have everyone else introduce themselves. State your name, alma mater, and current occupation. (Insert Name) can you start us off?


Regional Coordinator (or Local Coordinator if necessary): (Go over minute by minute document. You will cover):


  • What time to be there

  • Hotel/Parking Instructions

  • Classroom speaking schedule

  • Dinner schedule

    • Order of Speaking

    • Emcee: (Explain how the timer will work)

    • Emcee: (Explain how Q&A will work) After you have finished speaking, I will ask students for questions for you while you stay on stage and answer them as they come

    • Review what you expect from the speakers’ talks

    • Review nature of audience (student leaders, not just business students)

    • Remind speakers that use of powerpoint or some presentation media is permitted and encouraged


Local Coordinator: (Continue going over minute by minute document. You will cover):


  • Cru weekly meeting schedule/format

    • Cast Vision for potential of encouraging our Christian students on campus

    • Format: Q&A; the weekly meeting team/staff will prepare questions and send them to the speakers at least two weeks before the Dinner. The Weekly meeting emcee will facilitate the giving of these questions. Review Emcee Script with the questions you have prepared.

    • Choose one speaker to close with the gospel

    • After the formal Q&A the emcee will take any questions from the students in attendance

  • Next day follow up

    • How long will this be?

    • Location

    • Focus: this is an opportunity to answer student questions and share your faith in a more personal/intimate setting

  • Brunch

    • Focus: 1) speakers encourage student leaders and 2) speakers hear from the students what their vision for the campus is and what God is doing through them as students

  • Any Questions?

  • At the end of this call I will send you a speaker resources folder that will recap the content we have gone over today, give you some sample talks to reference as you prepare your own message, and some pertinent information about the campus. Thanks again for partnering with us in this forum!


Regional FDND:  (Close in prayer)



As promised during the conference call, send your speakers the Speaker Resources Folder via Email. Click on the folder’s link and copy it first as you will need to insert some information of your own into this folder before you send it. Here’s what the final product should include. An asterisk is placed next to the items you must garner yourself:


Section II: "Nearing The Home Stretch" Checklist


From this point on, the details that you will encounter may get overwhelming. But all details are very important. Make sure to take these on one step at a time and you will get through them. Here’s the first of two “Nearing the Home Stretch” checklists:



The hope is that you have been able to deliver your invitations to every student by this point, but, if there is anyone leftover/hard to reach, send out an invitation to these men and women via e-mail and ask for them to RSVP for the event as soon as possible.



Keeping your seating capacity in mind, choose how many fellow Cru staff members and student leaders you will invite to the Dinner. Consider individuals that will help facilitate community and conversation amongst the table hosts and non-Christian student leaders during the event.



Based on your current RSVP numbers, table hosts, invited outside business leaders, faculty, and attending Cru staff/students, make a seating chart for your Dinner, keeping in mind that you would like to pair non-Christians whenever possible.



You want to get the word out now to your student leaders about the brunch you will be having the second day of your forum. Be sure to send them an e-mail with the details of your event as well as some sort of RSVP system so that you can report accurate numbers to your caterer.



It may be necessary for some of your Cru student leaders to request to be excused from a class period in order to attend the brunch on the morning of the second day of the Forum. In order to help your students gain excuse permission, edit the EII Brunch Class Excuse Request letter to suit your context and deliver it to the students you want to invite to the brunch.


It is crucial that we show our gratitude to the speakers for their investments into this event. Accordingly, brainstorm with your staff team and purchase a gift for each of your speakers; ideally something with your school’s logo on it. Ideas in the past for this have included a nice university golf shirt or sweatshirt, a specialty gift like gourmet food or coffee, and a nice writing utensil. Purchase three gifts, wrap them, and have them prepared to be given to the speakers at the close of their time on your campus.



While you will not be inviting your Cru movement at-large to the EII Forum Dinner, the portion of the Forum that will take place at your weekly meeting will be significant. It is therefore recommended that you announce at your weekly meeting that in a few weeks, Cru will be hosting the Forum and that the speakers will do a panel discussion on what it means to be a Christian while also being successful in the marketplace. This would be a great opportunity for your students to invite their Christian and non-Christian friends who aren't involved in Cru.



With your forum less than a month away, it’s time to start getting all of the paper resources printed! Here are each of the necessary items in this along with a description. Please reference the Material Printing Instructions document if you have any questions about the printing process. (Note: some of these items are not printed for the sake of signage, but are vital documents to be given to emcees, table host, program team members, etc. Don’t forget to print these out!):


  • Dinner Nametags (Avery 5390): These nametags are for everyone attending an EII Forum Diner:  speakers, students, Cru staff, and anyone else who is there.  You can either write in the names with a permanent marker or, if you like, you can attempt to print off the names of the guests.  This document is formatted so that you can simply print it off onto Avery 5390 Name Badge Insert Refills (which you can buy/order from Office Depot) without having to alter anything.  Please note that if you convert this to a .pdf format before printing, it will mess up the formatting and the logo will not print correctly onto the nametags.  There is a second blank page that I could not figure out how to get rid of, so make note of that when printing.

  • EII Banner: This document is intended to be used to create a 3 ft. x 4 ft. banner to be placed on an easel and set outside the Dinner venue entry doors.

  • EII Forum Comment Card: These comment cards should be printed two per page and are to be used for all Dinner guests to fill out.

  • Emcee Script: This document is intended to help your Dinner emcee prepare for his/her role and to know what things absolutely need to be said.

  • Program Sample: This document is to be printed single-sided in color and placed at a welcome table near the entrance to the Dinner venue.

  • Table Host Guidelines: This document is intended to be given to your Dinner table hosts so that they are aware of what they are expected to do. This document can be used to help you have conversations with potential table hosts and also can be distributed at the table hosts’ meeting just before the start of the Dinner. Be sure to edit the time cues on this sheet before making it available to your table hosts.

  • Table Tents: This document is intended to be printed in color, double-sided, so that each sheet makes three table tents. These will need to be placed in the center of each table at the Dinner.

  • EII Dinner Notepad: This document is intended to be printed by a professional printer in a notepad format and then placed at each seat at the Forum Dinner.

  • Time Countdown - 5, 1, Stop: This simple document is intended to be printed off and given to your Dinner emcee so that he/she can hold them up to help the speakers know how much time they have left to speak.  This is helpful to keep the Dinner on schedule, as it can have a tendency to get long, which can cause an unfortunate circumstance of people getting up to leave before the end of the event.

  • Cru Weekly Meeting Comment Card: These comment cards are to be put under each seat at the Cru weekly meeting ahead of time.  Have your emcee, toward the end of the meeting, have everyone fill out the comment cards, as these are important feedback tools as well as vital to follow-up on people who indicate a decision to receive Christ during the third speaker’s Gospel presentation.

  • EII Speaker Follow Up Sheet: This is a template that you can edit to accommodate your follow up schedule. Basically, you just want to have an organized way of allowing students to sign up for another interaction with your speakers the following morning.

©2019 Cru. These materials cannot be duplicated in any form without the permission of James W. Dempsey, with the exception of worksheets and forms. None of these materials should be used for profit.