4-6 Hours


1-1.5 Months out

(4-6 Weeks)


Ask God to begin to open up the hearts of the student leaders you’re about to invite. Pray that they would be intrigued and excited to attend. Pray also for wisdom as you begin to iron out the general schedule for your forum.


Meditate on Romans 10:14-15

Section I: Invitation Party


It’s time distribute invitations to your students and get them into the hands of your invitees! Below you’ll find what you need to do before, during, and after this leader meeting.




In the days before you go into this meeting with your student leaders you will need to have done the following:


  1. Reminder e-mail: you want to make sure as many students come to the meeting as possible, so be sure to send a quick reminder email to them the week of or a couple days before the meeting.

  2. Make invitation kits: Each student/group of students at the meeting will be assigned a packet with names of student invitees and instructions for delivering these invitations. Here’s what you’ll need to do in order to make these:

    • Open up your document with the list of student invitees

    • Print and cut apart spreadsheet into assignment slips with 2-4 contacts each (1-2 orgs), so that each student knows whom he/she is inviting

    • After you have cut apart the spreadsheet, make a signup sheet with each group of names listed on it so you can track which group of names was assigned to whom as invitations are delivered

    • Get big envelopes (8.5 x 11”) and create kits that include:

      • Assignment slip (the 2-4 names of invitees)

      • Invitations (enough for contacts and emerging leaders)

      • Checklist for delivering invites: this document is a step by step explanation for students as to what to do when delivering the invite

      • Invitation conversation example: a sample conversation to give to students as a guide when planning their delivery dialogue

  3. Just before the meeting: go to the room of your meeting about 15-20 minutes beforehand and set out each invitation kit and the sign up sheet out onto a table.




Now that you have all of your pre-meeting tasks out of the way, it’s time to actually host the meeting. This will include the following:


  • Intro (Cast Vision):

    • “Hey, thanks again for coming today! We are really excited for our upcoming EII Forum and the impact it might have in reaching our campus’ student leaders…”


  • Explain invitation kits, pass around sign up sheet, and have students sign up. Here’s what an explanation of this time might look like:

    • “We called this meeting today in order to enlist your help in getting invitations to each of our student leaders! As you can see, on this table we have a bunch of envelopes.Each envelope has 2-4 contacts of students from various student orgs, athletic teams, student government, etc. Right now I’m going to pass around a signup sheet for each of you to choose one of these contact groups in order to deliver these invitations. I’m letting you choose so you can select an organization that you have a heart for, but for time’s sake, don’t be too picky, if there isn’t something that sticks right away out just sign up for the next available grouping. That way we know who is delivering which invitations to whom in order to follow up with you and make sure each student has received their invitation.”


  • Explain invitation process: The general process for each student is to 1) contact student (text, phone call, or email), arrange a meeting, attend meeting and deliver invitation, being sure to cover all your bases by using the Checklist for Delivering Invitations form. Note: contacting and delivering invitations can be one of the most difficult parts of your forum. As we all know, students can be hard to reach and flakey, but encourage your students to be persistent and determined! We are offering them a seat at a high profile, invitation only event. Here’s what this part of the meeting might look like:

    • “Now that each of you has chosen a group of people to invite. We’re going to run through the invitation process. This consists of three main things: 1) contact the student (text, phone call, email, etc.), 2) arrange a meeting, and 3) attend the meeting/deliver your invitation using the Checklist for Delivering Invitations form.

    • In order to help you guys see what this might look like, we’re going to role play a sample phone call to set up a meeting and a sample invitation delivery…”


*Role play a sample conversation using the Invitation Conversations document that you downloaded.


  • Explain our heart in sending out these invitations: our goal is not just to get a card in a student’s hand, but make a connection that might open the door to share the gospel! As such, here are some important reminders to give your students as you send them out:

    • If the student you contact tells you that they don’t hold this position, ask if they know who does.

    • Be friendly – make some small talk first (maybe ask them about their organization or position).

    • We want to connect with these students regardless of whether they can come to the event or not.

      • Don’t tell them the date before delivering the invite unless they specifically ask.

      • Even if they say they can’t come, offer to deliver the invite anyway, since we really want to get the invitation into the hands of all the guests.

  • Have fun

  • Be professional

  • Pray

  • Deadline: Deliver invites by ________________________


  • Dismiss students from meeting and have them pick up their invitation packets.




After you hold this meeting, you have two main tasks:


  • A few days after you hold the meeting, send students a reminder e-mail about delivering their invitations. It might look something like this:


Hey Cru leaders,
First of all, I wanted to say thanks so much to those of you who took envelopes to deliver invitations for the EII Forum.  Your help is greatly appreciated!
Just a quick reminder to start working on your invites right away.  It may take a while to get in touch with your individuals and arrange a meeting, and we would like to have the invitations in the hands of the student leaders by next Wednesday!
Feel free to email me or call me (XXX-XXX-XXXX) if you have any questions during the invitation process.  Again, thanks so much for your help!
Wholeheartedly Serving Him,


The Cru Staff Team


  • Have staff check with their students to make sure they complete assignment. We want to have all students with invitations in-hand about a month before the event. Continue to have staff monitor student assignments from the signup sheet in order to make this a reality

Section II: Dinner & Weekly Meeting Programming




As your event is now fast approaching, we recommend that you consider choosing an emcee for your event at this point. Here are some things to consider when choosing this role:


  • Gender of speakers: If all of your speakers are male, it is wise to have a female emcee your Dinner

  • Ethnicity of speakers: If all of your speakers are of the same ethnic heritage, it is wise to have an emcee of a different ethnicity

  • A good emcee is someone who can engage the audience, offer brief summaries, smoothly transition, and adjust on the fly

  • We recommend a cru staff member on your team or a senior student leader for this role


Once you have chosen your emcee, send him the bios of your speaker and run through the minute by minute document with him in order to show him where he will be used throughout the duration of the Dinner. In addition, give him the Emcee Script now so that he/she can know what to prepare/expect the night of the Forum Dinner.




This person will greet speakers as they arrive the day of the Dinner, escort speakers to classrooms, have snacks and beverages for speakers, make and escort speakers to lunch arrangements (if applicable), escort speakers to the Cru weekly meeting, etc. Whatever the speakers need, the liaison is their first resource to attain those things.



If you have not done so already, be sure to speak with the leaders of your weekly meeting team about the unique nature of this cru weekly meeting. First of all, if you need to change the date or time from what is normal on your campus, be sure to do so now and inform your students in the weekly meetings leading up to the forum. Second, let them know that there will be no main speaker that night and that the emcee will be running a Q & A panel with these business leaders instead. When you do this, send/give them the Emcee Script for the evening. This is the set of Q & A questions many forums have used in the past, but you do have the freedom to edit this document if you would like to change a couple of the questions. Be sure to keep the gospel presentation portion of the Q & A in tact, though.

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