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4-6 Hours


1-2 Weeks after the Forum


Philippians 4:14-20


 Ask that God would go behind you in this event. That He would be at work in the lives of all individuals involved in some way and would their be ripple effects of this event for years and years to come. 

Section I: Completion, Celebration, Check-Offs


Hooray! All the events of your forum are complete. Now it’s time to close out this event well. Below you’ll find your final checklist of tasks to complete for your EII Forum to be concluded with excellence.  Also, as a reminder, here again is the link (that's also on the very first page of the site) to the important financial details.



In order to be receive the grant funds for your Forum, you must have met certain criteria, namely:
(1) The EII Next Step Grant Application form (see below) is submitted prior to the event.
(2) The EII Forum processes outlined on the website TeamGold.co are followed closely.
(3) Your speakers' donations are deposited into the national EII Forums account.  This provides a buffer and safeguard when needed.  For further explanation, see the policies and procedures document for finances here.

(4) Your Forum's Dinner event includes at least 30 student leaders in attendance.
(5) The results survey is completed in its entirety within two weeks of the event.


You don’t need to be reminded how valuable your speakers, table hosts, fellow staff, faculty, etc. were to pulling off this event. As such, we want to make sure these men and women feel valued and appreciated for their investments promptly. Within a week, write out a thank you card for each speaker and table host with a picture or two attached inside. For speakers this could be shot of them on stage and the group photo. For each table host, this could be a picture of them and their tablemates along with the group photo.



We want to continue to learn how to program these events in such a way that we elicit the best response from our target audience. As such, set aside some time with your Cru staff team to review the comment cards you received from the Forum Dinner. These can help guide you to hot contacts that need immediate follow up or simply offer helpful ideas for how to run another Forum better in the future. Recruit your staff/student team to capture all the information in the comment cards digitally using a spreadsheet and then e-mailing the spreadsheet to the Regional Forum Coordinator. That way we can process the feedback in order to improve forums on a regional level as well.



Many Cru staff teams throughout the U.S. are using MissionHub more and more to track contacts, Adding your students to this database can be a valuable tool to coordinate follow up of these students and make sure you don’t lose any contacts.



Remember, the primary focus of this event is to reach student leaders on your campus with the gospel! Now, you should have received comment cards with feedback from the student leaders that attended the Dinner. Past forums have found it helpful to use these to reach out to these individuals after the Dinner for a one-on-one meeting to garner conversational feedback as a means to enter into a spiritual or gospel conversation with these students. The format of this time can be similar to speaker follow ups, ask them their thoughts, answer their questions, and then ask what they thought about the final speaker’s message of Jesus.



You just pulled off a very impressive and strategic event! Be sure to post photos from the proceedings to your Missional Team’s website to share with students, fellow staff, and supporters. In addition, if applicable, send these photos to your Regional EII Forum Coordinator so that he can share these photos on a broader scale as well.



You should have collected each speaker's $1,000 donation check (underwriting the cost of the Forum) sometime during the Forum itself.  Within a week of the end of your Forum, mail them into headquarters like you would any other donation check for your ministry, except use the EII Forums revenue designation number instead (the national EII coordinator will have communicated this number to you - if not, reach out to him/her and ask for it before you send in the checks).  If you did not collect one or more checks from the speakers, be sure to reach out to them as soon as you can and ask them to either make their donation at give.cru.org (share the correct designation number with them) or mail you a check.

The reason we ask that you route the speaker donations through a non-local account, instead of just back into your campus account, is to protect your campus finances in case something goes wrong with your Forum financially. For instance, if you end up going way over budget, or if your speakers don't all follow through on their pledged donations, then you would have to eat the cost out of your own operating account. But by having the speaker donations go into a separate, non-local account, you will get reimbursed for the cost of your Forum even if you go over budget, because the EII Forums revenue account has enough buffer to take some hits if a few events go over, because more of them will end up under-budget.  Essentially, the EII Forums account is taking the risk so that you don't have to take it yourself.  If for any reason you anticipate going over the $3,000 budget, please contact us immediately so we can help you navigate that issue.



We have to make sure we track all Forum expenses properly. As such, once the Forum is over, use your local campus operating chartfield account with the PROJECT ID of SPEAKERSFORUM to clear all items except for gifts you have purchased to give as a thank-you to the speakers (these should be charged to a local account other than SPEAKERSFORUM). In order to find the SPEAKERSFORUM Project ID in Concur, you will need to change the field that says "Project List" to "CAMPS_ALL." For each expense description, include your campus name and "EII." Be sure to communicate this to everyone on your team who is purchasing things for your Forum.

For instance, if your Forum was at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, then you would clear your Forum expenses to CAMPS / UWIEC / FIELDMIN / SPEAKERSFORUM. If your Forum was at North Dakota State University, you would clear them to CAMPS / NDSU / STAFFED / SPEAKERSFORUM. If your Forum was at the University of St. Thomas, you would clear them to CAMPS / TWINMET / CATALYTIC / SPEAKERSFORUM.

Every expense you have incurred as part of your EII Forum (see Budget document found in the Prospective Speaker Packet) is to be charged to SPEAKERSFORUM, with the exception of any gifts and cards you give to your speakers as a way of thanking them.

Within a few weeks of your Forum, all of your Forum-related expenses (minus the gifts you give to your speakers) will be paid for by a regional- or national-level account, as that is the account that received your speakers' $1,000 donations.